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§1 General agreements

These general terms and conditions (»GTC«) apply to the entire business relationship between glueckids Ballondesign Children's Events Valentina Schmal, Pfisterstr.10 in 63743 Aschaffenburg, (hereinafter the organizer) and the customer.

The organizer does not recognize any terms and conditions that contradict or deviate from these terms and conditions, unless the validity of these terms and conditions is expressly agreed in writing. This also applies if the customer submits or accepts the offer with reference to the overriding validity of his own general terms and conditions.

§2 Conclusion of the contract, offer, form

The contract is concluded through a written confirmation of the offer from the customer or an order confirmation from the organizer.

Unless otherwise stated, offers from the organizer are subject to change. The time of the specified offer period is decisive.

The customer is not granted any ownership or rights of use to drafts, photos and other materials and documents that are handed over as part of offers and contract negotiations. Passing on to third parties requires the express consent of the organizer.

The animation characters during the event are entertainers. No licensed characters are offered. You are not offered any theater performances, but a specially developed children's entertainment program. The costumes worn by the actors are not licensed costumes from well-known national and international companies. In the children's animation, voluntary games and handicrafts as well as make-up are offered for the children. 

glueckids Ballondesign Kinderevents indicates that he is not a supervisor!

The duty of supervision for the children lies with the parents at all times.

glueckids Ballondesign Children's Events cannot guarantee whether and for how long a child will take part in the play or handicraft activities. Smaller "care activities" such as accompanying them to the toilet or providing them with drinks are quite common, but no legal claim can be derived. Crying children are generally brought back to their parents. No liability is accepted for soiled clothing.  


All prices are valid within a radius of 20 km from the production facility in Aschaffenburg.
From a distance of 21 km, € 0.50 per kilometer driven will be billed. (both there and back)

§ 3. Cooperation

The contracting parties shall designate contact persons for each other who will coordinate all binding questions relating to the implementation of the contract. In cases of force majeure, the contractor is not obliged to carry out the program. 

The contact persons agree on progress and obstacles in the execution of the contract at regular intervals and if there is a specific need.


§4 prices

All glueckids Ballondesign children's event prices do not include any calculations of sales tax in accordance with § 19 UStG (small business regulation).

§5 payment

All payments are effectively to be made in euros without any deductions. If a deposit has been agreed as part of the offer, this must be made at the same time as the offer is signed by bank transfer to Valentina Schmal's account. This will be noted on the contract. When booking, 50% of the total amount  due by bank transfer. The remaining amount is to be paid in cash after the event. 

§ 6. Changes in services 

If the customer wishes to change the scope of the services specified in the contract, he shall notify the organizer of this in writing. The organizer will examine the customer's change request and its effects on the existing agreement.

If the change can be carried out according to the result of the examination, the contracting parties will agree on the content of the proposal for the implementation of the change request. If an agreement is reached, the contract will be changed to that extent. If no agreement can be reached, the original scope of services remains.

If the customer wishes changes during the event, he has to bear the additional costs.


§ 8. Cancellation

The customer can withdraw from the event contract at any time in writing. If the organizer is not responsible for the declaration of withdrawal, he is obliged to compensate the organizer for the damage incurred and the lost profit. For the sake of simplicity, this is generalized as follows:

  • up to 30 days -> 0%

  • 29-15 days -> 25%

  • 14-4 days -> 50%

  • from 3 days -> 75%

  • on the day of the event -> 90%

  • In the event of illness of the private customer (birthday child), the event will be postponed after consultation and appointment with us or, in the event of cancellation, the payments for the withdrawal period apply


§9 obligations of the customer

The customer advises the event attendees in an appropriate manner that Valentina Schmal's program is an entertainment offer for the children and not a care or supervision of the children. The duty of supervision lies with the parents / legal guardians or the customer during the entire event. The customer provides the framework necessary for the implementation of the event. This includes in particular action areas, rooms and electricity and water connections, as well as necessary catering. Details are regulated in the offer or order. The customer ensures that potential sources of danger are eliminated for the duration of the event.

§16 disclaimer of liability

Liability for material, damage to property and personal injury or loss of property is expressly excluded by glueckids Ballondesign Children's Events. Any employees who may be present are generally not liable for any damage. For rented items, the client is obliged to exercise due care from the time they are taken over until they are returned. In the event of damage or loss through the fault of the client, his  Guests will be billed for the necessary replacement or repair costs. We also assume no liability for items brought with us. This is the responsibility of the respective guest. Claims for compensation for direct, indirect or consequential damage of any kind are also fundamentally excluded. glueckids Ballondesign Kinderevents offers an entertainment program for children, not childcare in the sense of supervising or taking care of the children. Participation in the children's program is at your own risk. The duty of supervision for the children lies with the parents / legal guardians of the children or with the customer during the entire event. glueckids Ballondesign Kinderevents assumes no responsibility if children leave the action area or the event site. Furthermore, glueckids Ballondesign Children's Events assumes no responsibility for damage or accidents on the action area.

§17 Applicable Law

The contract is subject to German law.


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