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Valentina Schmal

Hello dear guests!

For everyone who doesn't know me yet, I would like to introduce myself:

My name is Valentina Schmal,

am happily married and have three loving children

with constantly new ideas in mind.

Until recently, I worked as a trained nanny in kindergarten.

It's not that I didn't enjoy my job.

On the contrary, I had a lot of fun with the children every day. But that was

Not enough for me, of course. And so it came to my mind

how nice it would be to be part of the greatest day of your year and to organize it too

and to be there with all my heart.

There is nothing more beautiful than shining children's eyes

to see and put a happy smile on her face.

One day a mom asked me if I wanted a balloon garland

could design as a room decoration for a children's birthday party.

The question marks plopped on me ?????? Because I didn't know and couldn't do much with balloons ...

But I wouldn't be me if I hadn't tried

It was something completely new for me and so I plunged into this new territory with great interest. I quickly realized how much I enjoy creating different balloon designs.

Now I am walking the path that fulfills me and makes my dream come true.

mit herz
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